Services & Rates

Agistment: Individual and group paddocks. Paddock size varies and is allocated to individual horse needs. Base agistment cost starts from $30 per week. Full Agistment is available - includes hard feeding twice daily and hay.

Feeding: Owners are very welcome and encouraged to feed their own horses. If this is not convenient we are very happy to feed the horses each day or as required for a small fee.  Average fee is $2 per feed. Hay is available for purchase from the farm.

Schooling and Exercising: Horses can be worked to the owners specification.  Lungeing or riding ( if horse going under saddle) is available to assist owners with maintaining fitness levels and horses comfort. Basic education should be established because we do not break in horses. Please see links if this is required. Current fee is $40 per hour.

Manure Collection: The farm requires all paddocks to be cleaned on a regular basis (minimum of weekly).

Horse Transport: Marshdale Farm now offers Horse Transport. Charges are $50 an hour. Charge starts from once we leave the property and until we return home.

Float Hire: The farm has a double horse float for hire.  Float is in good condition, suitable for larger horses - being especially built for thoroughbred race horses. Currently hired for $35 half day (negotiable for less than two hours), $50 for full day (return same day). $20 Refundable Deposit is payable at time of collection, This is refunded once the float is returned clean and undamaged.

 Grooming, rugging: Grooming and rugging of horses can be arranged for owners if required.

Facilities are available to owners with horses agisted on the farm and/or by arrangement with the owners.

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